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'We are all in the gutter...'

...i choose to look at the stars

5 March
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I tend to have an aura of patchouli or lily and sometimes enjoy the company of my puppy and two kitties more than that of most people. I'm basically a dork but often funny by accident. I don't eat meat. I often cut my own hair just because I get tired of it, which usually doesn't turn out so well. I was born in a place called Normal, Illinois. I'm easily irritated--most easily when people talk incessantly while I'm trying to read or write something. I ocassionally paint tshirts with acrylic paint and become excited when it starts to wear off unpredictably. Don’t take anything about me for granted because once you do, it’ll be gone.
abbie hoffman, aldous huxley, alternative process photography, ani difranco, anna quindlen, anne rice, antique and vintage photographs, art history, auden, being crafty, benny & joon, bob dylan, bob marley, bubbles in glass, buster keaton, caffiene, cat stevens, catullus, cigarettes, cindy sherman, clockwork orange, corduroy, dan brown, danny elfman, david bowie, dazed and confused, diane arbus, dorothea lange, edward fuller, edward scissorhands, elizabeth cady stanton, empire records, f. scott fitzgerald, fahrenheit 9/11, frank mccourt, gary winogrand, girl interrupted, godfrey reggio, hackysack, hemingway, homer, irvine welsh, irving penn, james nachtwey, james taylor, jim croce, joy division, kate brooks, kerouac, koyaanisqatsi, labyrinth, language, lewis hine, literature, loose tea, lucy stone, margaret bourke-white, mary ellen mark, modest mouse, mozart, my father's son, new order, organic white honey, orwell, parliament funkadelic, peter tosh, petronius, philip glass, photographing, placebo, portishead, purple hair, radiohead, reading, reagan youth, rice milk, richard bach, rocky horror picture show, run lola run, salinger, sappho, satire, seamus heaney, sharpies, shomei tomatsu, sigur ros, simon and garfunkel, starting anew, steal this movie, steinbeck, steve mccurry, styx, susan b. anthony, susan sontag, swimming, tears for fears, the 60's, the beatles, the breakfast club, the cure, the doors, the ellipses as punctuation, the hurricane, the lost boys, the motorcyle dairies, the neverending story, the princess bride, the secret window, the smiths, the toadies, tori amos, trainspotting, virgil, visual stimuli, waterskiing, what's eating gilbert grape, wilde